Santo Domingo is the capital city of the Dominican Republic and is also the largest metropolitan area in the Caribbean in terms of population. It is a top touristic attraction because of it’s richness in culture and how welcoming the locals are. To ease your planning for this trip, here are the top things you can do in Santo Domingo.

Day Tour to Colonial Zone

You can rent a tour guide for you to explore the town of Santo Domingo during a day. This guide will take you on a day tour to see all that Santo Domingo has to offer, the guide will answer any questions you may have about the culture there as well. There are many sites and monuments in town that you will be able to visit with your tour guide. You will walk through the Plaza de Espana, the First Cathedral of the New World, etc. Then, you will visit the Ruins, many interesting museums, and religious monuments. For lunch you can go to any restaurant you desire. After a long day, you can return to your hotel. Make sure to rent your hotel in advance with hotels Cuba booking.

National Botanical Gardens

This is a beautiful garden where you will be able to enjoy the tropical environment of the Dominican Republic. It is a nice getaway and the scenery is beautiful. In the gardens, you will be able to explore the garden that has diverse plants such as exotic plants, aquatic plants, tropical palms, etc. A Japanase garden is also available for you there, to visit.

Quisqueya Stadium

This is a baseball stadium that is a must visit. It is a huge stadium where you can take pictures at and watch baseball games at. It is home to the Dominican Republic baseball team and is a perfect place to visit to watch an energetic game of baseball.

Sightseeing Trolley

A trolley called the Chu Chu Colonial is available for tourists to ride on and experience a full Santo Domingo tour. This trolley is small but is very tempting to ride with your family. This trolley tour will last about 45 minutes but you will see a variety of sites as the trolley takes you on the cobbled streets of Santo Domingo.

Choco Museum

The Choco Museum is a very interesting place where you can take your children. You can ask a certified tour guide to come with you to explain the history behind the museum and show all the significant things to see inside the museum. It will be a fun but educational experience for the children in your group as well as for you. During your visit in the museum, you will get to sample some of the chocolates and try some chocolate drinks as well. There are also cacao beauty products that you can sample. Then, when your tour is finished, you can purchase many chocolate products.

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