Do you want to know a French Caribbean secret? The secret is the Guadeloupe islands itself, that looks like an emerald butterfly’s wings from above. These islands are an overseas region of France and consists of five islands. What makes these islands charming is that they are fairly undiscovered.

These islands are very popular for European tourists that seek the sun after a long winter season. Even though many tourists know of it, it is far less crowded than other islands around it. These islands are home to 400,000 people. The island is rich in waterfalls and rainforests that will leave visitors in awe of the amazing world that there is out there. Below are things to do to make your stay in Guadeloupe enjoyable.

Stroll along the Guadeloupe Beaches

The island’s most spectacular beaches are only about 30 minutes away from the Guadeloupe airport on the main island of Grande-Terre. These beaches are open to everyone to enjoy the beautiful white sand and the breathtaking water. Many tourists say that these beaches have three shades of blue. Taking a walk along these beaches will be relaxing as the sun shines up above, warming the ocean water near you.

Relax in your own private villa

Since it is a touristic attraction, there are many places to relax there such as resorts, hotels, spas, and villas. Many European tourists rent a private villa for their whole family to enjoy the holidays together. Check for a selection of luxurious villas that you can rent. These villas are modern and authentic and will be fully ready and equipped for you and your family to stay in.

Take a ferry ride to Les Saintes

All islands in Guadeloupe are unique and it is worth it to see them all. Ferry rides will take you from one Guadeloupe island to another and allow to explore many sites in one day. Les Saintes is one island that tourists frequently visit because of it’s popularity among people who go on yacht trips. There are no cars on this island and people either walk or take out their scooters to get to different places.

A very popular touristic attraction on Les Saintes is Fort-Napoleon, where you will be able to see a 360-degree view over the beautiful island of Les Saintes.

Get to know locals

The inhabitants of Guadeloupe are very friendly and welcoming. The first inhabitants of Guadeloupe called it “the place of beautiful waters.” Guadeloupe is a melting pot of many different cultures and is a home to islanders coming from Africa, Europe, America and many other Hispanic and Indian countries.

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