Athens is the largest city of Greece and is also it’s capital. Athens is known as the center for arts, learning, and philosophy as is reputed to be the “cradle of Western civilization.” This is because of the cultural and political impact that it had on the European continent. The city of Athens is also Greece’s center of cultural, political, financial, economic, and maritime life. Ancient monuments and diverse works of art are still present to show the significance of the city’s history.

To help you out in planning your next trip to Athens, below is a guide that will show you the different things you can do in one day there.

As you wake up in Athens with your group of friends in an apartment rented to you by Apartments in Rome Italy, you would be very excited for the day ahead. Your first thought would be that you want to enjoy a delicious Athens breakfast. A great place to have your breakfast like you would at home is Spiti Mas, which is a breakfast restaurant located in the center of Athens. The breakfast menu at Spiti Mas is served at a very affordable price and the ingredients are fresh.

After breakfast, you can take your friends out to the streets of Athens and do a photo shoot with them at any site you desire. There are many professional photographers in Athens that can help you capture this unforgettable memory. The photographer can follow you on a tour of the major sights of Athens. Some locations for beautiful photos are Acropolis, Plaka (an old neighborhood of Athens that has scenic views), or the Flisvos Marina and Park which is by the sea.

Later on in the day for lunch, you can take your group of friends on the Greek Gastronomy Tour which will take about four hours. You will be able to explore the liveliest part of Athens, which is the Athens Central Market. There you will see traditional local food shops and discover Greek cuisine. During this tour, your guide will share stories about the culture of the Greeks.

As the afternoon comes, visit a Greek vineyard and have conversations with Greek wine experts. In the vineyards, you will be able to sample different types of wine. You will also be able to learn how to make the wine and what the fascinating history is behind each kind.

As the night comes, you and your friends can enjoy the nightlife that Athens has to offer. Make sure that you make friends with locals so that they can take you to cool spots where you will be able to go wild. These local friends will also take you to Monastiraki Square where you can spend the rest of the night dancing, drinking and enjoying your friends’ company.

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