Cuba is rich in culture and history and is a dream destination for many history lovers. The capital city of Havana, Cuba is where most of Cuba’s history lies. Among the fascinating sites that Cuba has to offer is the Ernest Hemingway Museum in Cuba. The great thing about this site is that it is in the city and surrounded by hotels where tourists can stay. Cuba villa holidays are villas you can rent within close proximities of this wonderful Cuban site. Many housing options are available around the city to ensure that tourists can get around easily. Before visiting this monument, you may want to find out some background information on it so that you know what to look for when you get there.

Hemingway’s Background

Ernest Hemingway was an American writer. He was a journalist, he wrote novels and short stories. To top all of this off, Hemingway was also a sportsman, who was admired by many people for his daring lifestyle. He was famous for his great and inspired writing and a lot of his works are now American classics.

Hemingway’s Life in Cuba

Hemingway moved to Cuba in 1940 with his new wife named Martha. He bought a home there with his wife and planned to live there for the next twenty years. His new home was named Finca Vigia, also known as “lookout farm.” He lived with his wife and his 12 cats. He loved life in Cuba and stayed there even when relations between the United States and Cuba worsened. This showed his love for Cuban culture and the Cuban people.

In Cuba, Hemingway started fishing and also to enjoy the Cuban lifestyle. He was very welcoming to the Cubans. When he wasn’t fishing, Hemingway wrote some of his most famous works in his Cuban house.

Hemingway’s Legacy

When Hemingway left Cuba to move back to America in 1960, he left many of his documents there such as his manuscripts, 10,000 letters, annotated books and 5,000 photographs. The center in Cuba was financed by the Ford Foundation, AT&T as well as others and includes air-conditioned vaults to safely store these precious artifacts.

This center is located where Hemingway used to live when he was in Cuba. It is a Spanish style home shaded by the beautiful trees surrounding it. This property, Hemingway donated to the Cuban people when he left there. Guides are available on site to show you around and tell you the most important stories of Hemingway’s time.

Hemingway’s legacy is safely kept in the hearts of Havana and is a collaboration between Cuba’s Heritage Council and the US-based Finca Vigia Foundation, despite political setbacks that happened years before.

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