Buon Ma Thuot

About twice the size of the state of Arizona, Vietnam is a country worth visiting, rich in history, culture and adventure. Even though it is a developing country, there are many activities that you can do in Vietnam to make you feel adventurous. The best time to visit Vietnam is during the Tet, which is the celebration of the New Year (like marked in the lunar calendar—between January and March). Below are 4 activities that you should do when you visit Vietnam.

1. Light a Lantern

As mentioned above, Tet is the Vietnamese New Year. During this time, the city of Hoi Ann will be transformed into a beautiful kaleidoscope of colored lanterns. During seven days, people will celebrate the new year and the square will be decorated with many colorful lanterns. This event is very exciting with many local foods being served, music being played and joy being spread all around. Make sure to take a picture of all the lanterns that will be floating on the river.

2. Explore Caves

 Vietnam is home to the world’s largest cave that is located in the Quang Binh province. This region is filled with so many deep caves that you can explore, including the biggest one called the Hang Son Doong. Tour guides say that a whole skyscraper could fit inside this cave. You can hire tour guides that will answer any questions that you may have and will tell you stories about the caves.

3. Visit Buon Ma Thuot

 If you are a coffee lover, you would not want to miss visiting the highlands of Vietnam, which is known as the “coffee making heartland.” The Trung Nguyen coffee company is definitely worth visiting. You will be taken to visit the coffee farms and will also get an opportunity to taste the local Vietnamese coffee.

4. Eat Pho

 Pho is the Vietnamese staple food. It is a delicious meal that is made up of boiled beef, rice noodles, green onions or herbs and clear stock. You will surely not miss Pho when you go to Vietnam because it will be found everywhere you go, on every street corner. Make sure to taste this delicious food and reproduce it when you get home.

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